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I post pictures dedicated to showing the world of tattoos on Black skin. Submit yours!

daddylong3rdleg asked: Do you know any tattoo artist that specialize in color on dark skin?

look through archive

theresonlyonetimz asked: Who designs your tatts? And what's the creative process like when you're deciding what you want tatted?

my tats were all done by different artists. i based them off who i am and what ive been through

Anonymous asked: Hey have you got any pictures of white ink tattoos on black skin? I'm really considering one, something not too out there!!

i have yet to find that anywhere

ohyoumeanthisbomb-poussey asked: How well do you think a water color tattoo would show up on a medium shade of black? I really want on my my thigh but I'm afraid to spend the money if it's not gonna be very visible...

talk to the artist: as long as your artist has done one on your skin tone and knows you should be fine. i’ve asked artists and it can be done and show up.

Swirling roommate fun.

Swirling roommate fun.

coexist peacefully.

coexist peacefully.

Dark skin with white henna tat

Here is a henna tat with white on dark skin,I think they can do white tats on very dark skin,have your researched enough on white tats or white henna tats?


ohsahzay asked: I have always wanted tattoos and lots of them. I just got my first one- a simple black symbol on my ankle. I'm saving for a tribal dragon on my hip as my second tattoo and I know that at some point I would like some in color. I'm thinking about one in particular, my childhood love Peter Pan. My concern is, I am mixed half Nigerian and half Norwegian. What will Peter's skin look like when tattooed onto a black girl? Will he look black too? Or can his skin tone be colored over mine? Thanks! :)

To my understanding, most of his outfit is green, but as far as his face and hands your artist will probably shade for the purpose of aesthetics matching your skin, not peter pan’s skin tone. White ink doesnt show on dark skin anyway.